A Caring Department – Hospitality

Hospitality involves the friendly reception and treatment of guests. In the outside world, the hospitality industry or the service industry includes lodgingrestaurantsevent planningtheme parkstransportationcruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. But when you come down to a smaller unit, such as a college festival, we immediately familiarise ourselves with a department that specialises in being hospitable.

Like all other fests, Gnaritas does have a Hospitality Department whose members work towards the general care of all the participants and judges. Our very own Hospitality Department has 10 members headed by Keenal Pandya. She is affable, dependable, approachable, and capable. To support her is Richa Panchal, the subhead of Hospitality who is always on her toes, making sure that everything is in order.

The work of the Hospitality Department is concerned with escorting the participants and the judges through the premises of our college and to the venue where the event is being held. Each member is required to steward a judge until the end of the event. They ensure that the judges are satisfied with the hospitality services. In addition to this, they also handle the food and the beverages to be served.

In all, hospitality ensures top – class service to all the participants and the judges.

–          By Erwin Rodrigues & Aishwarya Sinha.