Kursi Ki Daud_Manifesto #5

Election Manifesto


India, in her many colourful years has seen various ups and downs, but with the advent of the youth in our country, the javaan party believes that the need for an empowered youth is more and more the means to overcome all our obstacles

Our aim is to negate all our weaknesses and to highlight all our strengths through efficient policy making and implementation.

We believe that it would be advantageous to our party if any other such party exists with the same ideology and common ground. Cooperation, unity and fraternity are key values of the javaan party. However, we have faith that the people will elect us in the capacity of a majority government, so we refuse to comment on possible allies.


The Javaan party is a product of the increase in numbers of the youth and the burgeoning young middle class. Based in Mumbai, we possess teams of young leaders sharing the same integrative approach as opposed to communal politics. We condemn religious politics and rely solely on our innovative policies moving forward.


EDUCATION: An educated India is a better India. Therefore, the Javaan party aims at providing a multidimensional education and encouraging enrollment in schools through the following incentives:

  1. A committee to identify ‘sick’ government institutions to identify those in most dire need of funds;
  2. Greater Investment in Government Educational Institutions, with tax benefits to private entrepreneurs who provide the same;
  3. Chalk out plans to develop sports facilities across our country, and provide for a separate course i.e. ‘Bachelors of Sports Education’ in Undergraduate colleges;
  4. To further encourage student enrollment in higher education, the following provisions are recommended
  • 6 Month tax holiday to all registered graduates applicable within 5 years of graduation
  • a further 20% relief on total tax paid by graduates for a period of 3 years in the form of Savings in scheduled banks, National Savings Certificates, Life Insurance Premium, Unit Linked Insurance Plans, Equity Linked Savings Scheme

     5. Creating an education fund for the youth and linking contributions to the same to corporate social responsibility;

EMPLOYMENT: Qualified and Quantified employment serves not only the economy, but also in the manner of raising the standard of living. Therefore the Javaan party proposes the following measures:

  1. This ministry will focus on creation of special capital goods with special utility in the Industrial Sector;
  2. Establishment of ‘Ministry of Capital Goods’ with the objective of increasing productivity and employment overall;
  3. A greater emphasis on capital goods would increase the production requirements, which can be pivotal in creating jobs;

INDUSTRY: In most developing nations, manufacturing industries are the backbone of the economy. The Javaan party wants to recreate the emphasis on an industrial economy by:

  1. Instituting public private partnerships in the infrastructure of our country holds the key to the revival of our industries;
  2. Private companies willing to invest in factories and work sites in rural India would be given tax reliefs and holidays based on the extent of their investment
  3. A greater number of highway projects would be undertaken;
  4. A committee to oversee our national airline’s functioning will be instituted. If it is found that the airline is no longer profitable, it will be sold to domestic airlines willing to buy;
  5. Making India the next manufacturing hub is a core focus of the Javaan party. Because of our population strength coupled with untapped rural space, special committees and policies will be instituted for the same;

AGRICULTURE: Agriculture has for a long time been labeled as the backbone of our economy. However, for a long time, the agricultural sector has not lived up to its potential. The Javaan party believes that the farmers in our county require a better education in efficient farming practices, and we seek to establish that by the following measures:

  1. Creation of an agriculture fund, contributions to whom will be linked to CSR;
  2. Creating the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research (IIAR) in Maharashtra, UP, Punjab, Gujarat, HP, Rajasthan and Bihar, to carry out research in the field of agriculture, and provide a world class agriculture education;
  3. Creation of cooperative farming units to increase productivity of the farmland and bolster crop yield through scientific methods of farming, promoting greater cooperation between people;

Defense: The Javaan party believes in peace and harmony, but unfortunately, the turmoil that has engulfed Kashmir and the North East calls for improving the defense capabilities of India by:

  1. Further refining of intelligence agencies by increasing training and investment in the CBI, RAW, Indian Army, Navy, Air force;
  2. Investment in anti drone software;
  3. A further commitment to the ‘No First Use Policy’;
  4. Investment in intellectual weaponry i.e. computer viruses
  5. Replacing all outdated weapons in all wings of defense by instituting an inventory committee to carry out inspections;
  6. Investment in more weaponised and capable mechanisms on the land and maritime borders i.e. submarines, hovercrafts,
  7. Intelligence security measures will be evaluated and analyzed to ensure efficiency;
  8. Private Military Corporations will be engaged to train the Indian Police Force to improve their combat capabilities. More practical and field tests would be instituted for the IPS exam;

ENVIRONMENT: The environment that we live in, the air we breathe, we cannot compromise on its quality. To protect the Environment, the Javaan Party recommends;

  1. Countrywide demonstrations to farmers in creation of biofertilizers, and showing the ill effects of chemical fertilizers on crops;
  2. Investment in creation of harvestation and irrigation devices;
  3. More usage of solar panels, hydro power;
  4. Development of BioFuel capacitors and research on other recyclable power sources;
  5. Creating subcommittees with the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to ensure more specialized and focused working. Division into committees including but not limited to research and development, sustainable measures, conservation techniques, public policy, recycling, garbage disposal;
  6. A greater influence on practical environmental education i.e. putting composting to practice, and grading with more focus on practical usage;
  7. Instituting a credit system, whose functioning works around the carbon credits model, except it deals with efficiency and prudence in use of irrigation methods and chemical fertilizers;
  8. Creating a statutory backing for all the policies aforementioned, making it legally enforceable;

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Our entire party philosophy is based on the cognizance of the potentiality that the youth possesses. To further boost youth empowerment, the Javaan party recommends the following:

  1. State support to youth led development programs and schemes;
  2. Connecting the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to NGO’s and Youth parties, to ensure that their say on policy matters, and their opinions are voiced and heard;
  3. Extensive use of social networking and media for each ministry to connect better with the youth.

    Participant: Vishwa Naik
    Contingent: Sharpedo


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