Kursi Ki Daud_Manifesto #3

  Election Manifesto

After 66 years of Independence our country is still a slave to corruption, poverty, women and domestic violence, illiteracy, malnutrition and bad governance. In the computer age we’re still lacking behind. To abridge the gap between a government and a good government there is a lot to be done. This all can be achieved only with the active participation of people and our leader’s leading the country to the path of progress. There has been growth but it is just restricted to 4% where as in order to be par with the super powers we need to grow at 40%. India has been under an unofficial dynasty rule. And we’ve the result in front of us. Let us be well equipped and be powerful so that we don’t lose our very existence. India the land with cultures from all over the world and the nation with maximum population after China can achieve the targets set. For any nation to succeed there should be man power in abundance and the right direction. Man power we have and direction we’ll have after this election hopefully. We not only believe in growth but inclusive growth. Everyone in the nation will strive for it and believe in our governance.

India as known by many was the golden bird is now in a condition where it cannot be called the silver bird also. Before Independence it was the Britishers who were looting us and after Independence we all know who it is. The freedom struggle had so much power and vision and the leader’s were dedicated. But after we achieved what we had desired to the vision was lacking. After achieving independence, the leaders at the helm of affairs lost the spirit and the vision. After achieving independence, the leaders at the helm of affairs lost the spirit and the vision, which the freedom movement had evoked. They discarded the vision and adopted the institutional framework of administration created by the Britishers which was quite alien to India’s world-view. It is unfortunate that these leaders could not comprehend India’s inner vitality, which was the main force responsible for India’s survival despite several attacks and prolonged foreign rule and thus, failed to rekindle the spirit of India. It has been 60 years, India has an unofficial dynasty rule. In these 60 years India could’ve become a super power, but we are still in the developing stage. We just ask for 60 months and not 60 years to make a change. To make things better and see our nation at it’s great height and celebrate it’s glory. We appeal to the people to vote for change. Be the change you want and we’ll see a better India. To curb poverty to kill malnutrition to finish illiteracy and to control prices and develop an infrastructure which ensures growth and enhances our country’s output which will work for the betterment of the people. The situation in the country is deteriorating rapidly. Delay in resolving the crisis would be dangerous. What is needed is to take lessons from history, recognise the vitality and resilience of India, the power of its world-view and utilize its strength, which drove it to glorious heights and analyse its weaknesses, which led to this abysmal fall. Let our neighbour’s change their perception towards us. .Vote For Change !


We are literate. But the main aim is still not achieved. We’ve to be educated. Just being literate won’t help us to reach to our glory.


  • Centralisation of the education system in all the states in order to have quality education and to assess every student according to his performance. To curb the difference between students from different boards and bringing them at par.
  • Setting up of e-schools and e-education systems in school for better understanding and for imparting practical knowledge.
  • Change in the reservation system. No reservation in any government college or school in order to preserve the meritorious students. Economical help to the backward classes, OBC’s, SC’s, ST’s.
  • Compulsory free education till higher secondary in order to give basic knowledge to survive in the competitive world.
  • Special incentives to female students in order to promote their enrolment. 25% reservation only for FEMALE STUDENTS in all government schools and colleges. For every female student above 18 years of age an electric scooter scheme and to all minor female student a cycle scheme would be introduced in order to facilitate easy transport.
  • Laptop scheme for backward class students ( including OBC’s, SC’s, ST’s ) would be introduced. Laptops would be given to students who complete their 12th grade with a distinction.
  • Setting up of E-libraries in the country.
  • Mid-day meal scheme for school children.
  • Setting up of professional colleges in all fields. Also increasing the present number of seats available for professional courses and making professional education affordable to everyone.
  • Setting up of a review committee to analyse the performance of professor’s in government schools and colleges.



  • Promotion of irrigation projects and completion of major irrigation and dam projects in order to tackle drought conditions.
  • Supply of electricity in remote areas to help farmer’s with irrigation.
  • Proper storage facilities for perishable products in order to control price rise. Special checks of these storages would be undertaken from time to time to avoid decay.
  • Setting up of government markets to help farmer’s sell their products.
  • Incentives for farmer’s who take up barren land for cultivation.
  • Establishing agriculture school’s to educate the farmer’s about seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Arrangement for land quality check once in a year for the farmer’s.
  • Increase public investment in primary sector.
  • Promotion of horticulture, aqua culture and sericulture. Also storage facilities for dairy products in order to control price rise.


My Motto : For The People By The People.

  • Reduction in prices of essential commodities and control inflation in order to get the ruined economy back on track.
  • Increase in FDI in order to create jobs and get more money as capital to develop our infrastructure.
  • Improving the delivery of PDS to help people control their expenses.
  • To strengthen our currency in order to control the rising rates of fuels.
  • Improving the quality of goods produced in our country to increase our revenue and lower the dependency on foreign goods.
  • Change in the complicated tax system making it easy for the general public to understand.
  • Speeding up and making the judicial system lucid for the people to get justice. We propose work on pending cases be started in full swing.
  • Setting up lower courts in order to reduce the burden on high courts and facilitating the people to get speedy justice.
  • Publicising auto-rickshaws in order to prevent inconvenience to passenger’s and control the rising costs.
  • Improving the quality of public buses and trains ensuring comfort to people.
  • Proper sanitation facilities for slums and redevelopment of slums by 2019.
  • Setting up anti-corruption squad in each constituency for the people. Any complaints against corruption would be entertained here and strict action against the concerned officer will be taken.
  • Privatisation up to 49% of Railways in order to get more capital and improve the quality and experience of railways. A higher share of government would help control price hikes which would be in favour of the people.
  • Development of Houses by clearing slums for the people. Goal of achieving a house for each family by 2020.
  • Setting up Wi-Fi zones in public places and government food houses in such places for food at reasonable rates.
  • A plan to establish maglev trains to lead our nation on a completely different avenue.
  • Change in government offices and making them user friendly. Trained staff along with complete security to documents.
  • Appointing only Government approved contractors for the building of roads and highways.
  • A new policy to be brought in action : Any defect in roads and highways up to 2 years would terminate the contract and the cost would be borne by the contractor himself for the new construction.
  • Speedy construction of new flyover’s and highway assured. Any sort of corruption with regards to the project would lead to 10 years of jail and fine : we propose.
  • We propose DEATH SENTENCE to rapists, people involved in domestic violence and acid attackers.
  • Minimum educational qualification i.e graduation for a person from our party to contest elections.
  • Monthly meets of all the MP’s with the PM to discuss the development of works and to give reports about the works going on.
  • Direct contact for people to the MP’s in order to express their grievances.
  • Introduction of E-governance to reach to the masses and help them.
  • Attendance of MP’s be made compulsory in order to avoid delay in discussing key issues regarding welfare.
  • Suspension of MP’s with regards to misbehaviour in the parliament.
  • Reasonable limit for all MP’s to complete development work in the constituencies.
  • Making public offices better and avoiding delay. Training the staff in order to complete work on time.


Industries and Manufacturing Units.

Since our Independence agriculture has formed the backbone of our country. To lead to the path of a developed economy our nation needs to concentrate more on industries and manufacturing units.

  • Creation of industries in backward areas in order to lower costs, control pollution in urban areas and to generate employment.
  • Government funds for setting up industries in backward areas.
  • Increasing the number of cottage and small scale industries to increase production.
  • To concentrate on manufacturing units in order to meet domestic needs and lower the dependency on foreign goods which in turn will increase domestic revenue and will help people to get goods at a cheaper rates.
  • Appointment of experts for Indian goods to improve their quality packaging and grading in order to appease the people to buy domestic goods.
  • Speedy rehabilitation for people displaced due to large projects.
  • Investing in gulf areas specially in petroleum sector to control rising prices of fuel and in turn increasing the cost for industries.


  • Development of a squad to maintain our water’s and cleaning of major rivers.
  • Strict fines for illegal mining and imposing strict fines for the same.
  • Strict rules for conservation of forests and preserving nature.
  • Developing the existing national parks and other sanctuaries to preserve the animals and emphasising on botanical garden’s.
  • Promotion for water conservation and using resources sparingly.




  • Improving our defence equipments and borrowing technology from other countries to improve our artillery.
  • Strengthening the security arrangements at our borders to ensure stability both political and social.
  • Decisive talks with our neighbours and strong actions in case of any discrepancy.
  • Selections in army on merit basis.
  • To have all our borders well equipped. To match with other nations in relation to weapons and other equipments.
  • Special training for army officer’s in order to strengthen security.
  • Special incentives to families of people opting for army, navy or air force.
  • Concentration more on our ships and aircrafts to meet with the new needs and technology.
  • Strict treaties and talks with people posing a threat to our country.
  • Working on information from various sources to get to high order criminals.
  • Increase in the defence budget to improve the life on borders and to promote youth for joining defence.

A country is known for its people , its security , integrity , infrastructure and development. We’ll have to come together to co-operate and keep our country clean and strive for progress. A strong government at the centre would give a strong message to the world and would help us in strengthening our security.

Participant: Anirudh Jakhotia
Contingent: Empoleon


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